How to Make Your Neon Signs Last Longer

Neon signs would typically last for over a decade when being handled and maintained well. A number of steps must help you in taking care of the neon signs you have so they would be able to last longer.

A neon sign is meant to deliver your message into the world. Because of this, neon signs london are usually installed outside the restaurants, bars, shopping malls, parks, stores as well as other establishments and in an open space. To make sure that these signage will serve your company for a longer period of time, you should learn several excellent tips so you can take good care of them. Below are some ways to do this:

1. Remove Dust- Because these signs are being installed at open spaces, they have a tendency to be dusty after a short while. This could affect the sign's clear visibility as well as could make them become unattractive. Thus, you should make more efforts to clear the dusts and clean the signs on a regular basis. You should sue a smooth nylon brush in wiping off dusts from those neon signs. Socks could also be utilized for this purpose.

After you remove the top layer of dirt using socks or brush, you should then use a damp cloth to wipe of the dust particles completely from the signage. Do not use an abrasive cleaning solution to clean these signs.

2. Remove Stains- Stains could be caused as a result of the atmospheric pollution like smoke. Besides, those signs utilized at the bars have nicotine stains from the visitor's smoking habits. So you will be able to eliminate these stains, you should utilize those recommended solutions like those that contain ammonia. After cleaning it gently, you should use another cloth dipped in a warm water so your can remove the rest of the dirt.

3. Inspect Regularly- inspecting the signs regularly is a must to assess for some cracks at its glass tubes. Additionally, check the volume of gas inside the tube to make sure that its glow would not fade away.

Another useful tip would be to turn off the Neon Signs prior to performing any kinds of cleaning so you can avoid having electric shock. Install these signs away from the children's reach all the time as well and keep those connecting wires away while cleaning so you don't need to unplug them. Lastly, you should not use the ammonia solution for cleaning the back portion of the signs since it could damage the paint.